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Quite possibly most ridiculous place in Live Journal!

Toaster Smuggling

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Welcome to the Toaster Sex Trade! A place where everything is possible!
We are omnipotent! We are omnipresent! We are part of this complete breakfast!

We've got what you need here! But more importantly, we've got truckloads of what you don't need!

This is the place where the sexiest people in all of creation get to mingle with some of the sexiest household appliances and when they do, the sparks just fly!

Conversation here just sizzles! It is hot! Whoa! Did you see that?!?!? What the hell was that?!? Ok, everybody remain calm! *clears throat*

Where was I? Oh yeah.. anyone who joins now will get a complimentary "Toasters Gone Wild" video! Believe me, this is not an opportunity that you will want to pass up!

So, the way I see it is that you have a choice. You can either join our party OR you can be left out in the cold of the universe for the next 300 trillion years. It's your choice.

Wait ... umm.... I think I'm being followed by John Travolta....